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rough translation


It’s late but I watched the final episode of Vanguard today…

Why is it that… when I saw it I felt bad… all of a sudden all these memories… oh no…

To all the cast, thank you for all your hard work, to all the staff and everyone else who was involved in Vanguard, and Takuya as well, wasn’t it fun!

I’m glad you are my mate.

Thank you for all your hard work.


Oh, senpai.

It’s ok. These tears from your eyes.

You are one that leads (You are Sendou). I am one that paddles (I am Kai).

When we set sail I wondered where we would go, from the bottom of my heart I am truly happy that I met you.

Thank you very much.

Let’s keep the passion going on the radio!


No, no, I can’t be the only one here who was not able to be there…

Because you were always by my side, even when you overdid it, I could hang in there!

Truly, thank you.

Yeah!! The radio will still continue so let’s continue to work hard(*^_^*)

You can do it~
Thank you~ *pumps up**gets to work on it and jot the ideas*

Woke up with two drabble ideas post CFV end.. but question is whether they want to be written or not.

Just random sketch idea after today’s finale ep.

First to Finale ~RearGuards~
First to Finale ~Team Q4~