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I loved the dominance story that you wrote. I really did enjoy it.

Thank you~

it makes me glad that you did. ^^

Wanted to try writing in a different way (?). No mention of names in the fic, but give hints….


Just a lil drabble~ enjoy~!

Summary: They say fire always dominates over ice. He let the fire burn until that given moment; he was free to cool things down. Based on ep 186 Legion Mate.

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Imagine your icon braiding your hair.

Kai Kun Fried Rice Recipe


Take great care and dont burn down your kitchen

Recipe under the cut. Please refer to picture here for reference.

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ok i need someone to vent to and since you roleplay as kalin (or kiryu, if you prefer) i thought that's a good place to start as any. i just don't get why so many people in this fandom share the headcanon that kalin was abused in prison. what the fuck is wrong with you people?



I’m sorry, what?


I’m afraid I can’t hear you

Over the sound of those officers


I know those scenes were cut in the dub, but that doesn’t make them any less canon. It’s not us fans coming up with this. It actually happened.

You know, as someone who writes and (used to) roleplay Kiryu a lot, I’m agreeing. No matter how you look at it, whether you think it was ‘just that one scene’ or more, no matter how many different types of abuse there are - because neglect, as is shown later on when they just leave him in the cell to die, is also abuse, as is taking his cards from him where there’s a worldview that a duelist’s cards are their heart and soul

That’s all abuse.

There are some views of what the prison guards did to him that I don’t necessarily agree with because they’re pure headcanon, and some might verge into AU. But that’s all variation.

You can’t help but admit he WAS abused, though, for the pure reason that the guards/Security saw him as something less than human. Something that shouldn’t be given help. A lesser class.

Sound familiar? It should, because it’s referencing any time or place when one section of people were segregated and thought of as lesser by another group. It’s what happens when people think it’s okay to think like that.


カードファイ!!トヴァンガード Season illustrations 1-4


Leo has the worst time coping with = being ignored, feeling like they gave too much for no reason and their self-doubt

A certain Mel wanted me to post this.

Neighbors are loud with their party…

It’s late in the evening like 1am…

and I’m tired….